What is Guitopia?

Guitopia is a guitar education website developed by actual working, experienced, music-industry professionals to help you learn as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Our philosophy is simple:  learn, implement, make music.


Basically, we’re going to show you what and how to practice to become a proficient guitarist.  But more importantly, we’re going to show you how to  turn those tools into usable, creative, musical ideas to use in your improvisation or writing.  Watch this video to learn more!

Guitopia has more features to help you become a better player, today!



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A new guitar lesson every single week!

With the Lesson of the Week, you’ll see a new guitar lesson video every single Wednesday! This series is the unique, missing link in the guitar-education process and shows you a weekly example of how to actually use what you’re learning!

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The Complete Lessons Archive

Started back in 2005, this massive library offers over 475 inspiring guitar lessons available to motivate you 24/7!

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The Incredible, Hand-built, Jamtrack Jukebox

Over 165 professionally produced Jamtracks; recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave himself,  to help you implement what you’re learning in real-world, musical situations, 24/7!

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Keep your practicing up with The Bootcamp!

For Pro Members, an extra, 6-video series released each month. This series contains exercises from Dave’s very own, results-proven practice regiment to help you discover what and how to practice to continue progressing your playing!

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The Resource Center

Our vast reference library of scale, chord and arpeggio charts.

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‘Guitar Masters’ guest hosts

As often as possible, we get the top industry pros to share exclusive tricks, tips, insight and advice.   Learn from Steve Vai, Tom Quayle, Doug Rappoport, Andy Wood, Brian Baggett and more!

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The Guitar Path

Guitopia’s front to back, soup to nuts guitar course. This will take you from day 1 of owning a guitar to professional level concepts!*

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The Woodshed

Mass repetition is the key to becoming proficient. The Woodshed is not only library of exercise videos, but more so your virtual practice partner to help keep practicing fun!*

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Our Exclusive, Interactive Tab!

This amazing new feature is extremely helpful for learning each week’s lick/concept. Watch the notes come alive on a virtual fretboard as you see the tab scroll automatically as the video plays!

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Weekly Live Chat

Join Dave for a weekly** live, video chat in our Live Stream room!  Ask questions real-time and discuss everything from theory to techniques to gear and beyond!  Dave’s often joined by special guests such as Brian Wampler from Wampler Pedals, Blues-rock master Doug Rappoport and Jazz/Metal shred king, Emil Werstler to name a few!

**schedule permitting

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The Guitopia Forum

The Member-only Forum is where you’ll interact with fellow “Guitopians”.  Discuss all things guitar, buy/sell/trade, and more!

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The Guitopia Newsletter

The newsletter gives you info about each week’s episode, site updates and news, directly to your inbox!

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Live Chat Support!

Exclusively at Guitopia.com!  Got a question about your account? an episode? even theory? Our live chat support will help!  No other site has that!

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*The Guitar Path and The Woodshed went into production in June ’15.  The first parts are live on the site, with new videos added nearly each week.

Why Guitopia?

Rest assured, professional, real-world, experience-driven information is what is served here.  Dave Weiner, founder and host of Guitopia, has experience in abundance.  Here are some quick stats on who you’re learning from:

  • 28-years playing experience
  • 22 years teaching experience
  • 16 years, world touring experience as both solo artist and as Steve Vai’s guitarist of choice, sharing the stage with other guitar legends such as Eric Johnson, Steve Lukather, John Petrucci, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Al DiMeola, Yngwie Malmsteen, and more!
  • Graduated from Musician’s Institute:  Guitar Institute of Technology, later returned as an instructor for many years
  • Recognized as “Guitar Player” and “Recording Engineer” on the 4-time Grammy nominated Steve Vai song “Whispering A Prayer”
  • 4 records released
  • Creator/host of the internet’s longest running guitar education video series
  • Countless clinics and master classes around the world
  • Pioneered online guitar lessons via Skype and iChat in the early 00’s

Cost-to-Content Ratio

We want to make learning guitar accessible to everyone.  That’s why our Membership starts at just $0.99/week!  Yes, that is not a typo!  Less than a dollar a week for a professionally produced guitar lesson, jamtrack, and more!

Even the top-tier “Pro” level is less than $20/month, and if you purchase yearly, it’s barely over $18/mo…. for everything on the site!

Learn in Comfort!

A Membership to Guitopia means you’re going to be learning guitar, jamming, having fun.. all from the comfort of your own home!  And comfort is key to being a productive guitar player.  Grab a fresh cup of coffee, fire up the lava lamps, light a few candles, turn up your favorite amp and enjoy!

Massive Resources

With an ever-growing, updated-weekly set of assets, Guitopia is and will continue to become THE all-in-one resource for guitar education.  We currently have over 500 weekly lessons in the Archive, 240 Jamtracks, 180 Resource Center charts and 175 Bootcamp episodes!

100% Money-back Guarantee!

We want our Members to be 100% satisfied with their experience on Guitopia.  If not, for any reason, we’ll issue a full refund within the first 7 days of registration*!


More about our cancelation/refund policy:

*If you are not satisfied with Guitopia, simply cancel within 7 days and we will email you asking if you’d like:

  1. 1. A full refund or
  2. 2. To forego a refund and continue using the site for the remainder of the 30-days

You must answer this email to receive the full refund.


After 7 days, you can of course cancel anytime and:


-for Monthly memberships:  payments will no longer recur, but you’ll retain access to the site’s features (as per your Membership level) for the remainder of the 30-day term.  After the 30-day term is complete, access to the site’s features will terminate.  You can re-register at anytime.


-for Annual Memberships:  you will receive of prorated refund for the balance of the year (term) based on registration date.  Access to the site’s features, as per your Membership level, will terminate immediately upon cancelation.  You can re-register at anytime.


Members can migrate from one level to another at anytime.

Membership Pricing

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