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If you’d like to cancel your Membership, simply head to the bottom of this page and click the red button.  We’ll be sorry to see you go, but thank you for being part of the Guitopia family!  Your membership is still good for the remainder of your subscription period, so feel free to keep enjoying all of the amazing, exclusive features here at Guitopia!  And when you’d like to come back, your account will be waiting for you.  Just re-register and get back to jamming!

However, we’d like to entice you to stay and continue progressing as a guitarist and musician, so if you’ll stay, we’ll give you 50% off your membership for the next 2 months!  Yep, 1/2 off your Membership price for the next two months!  Can’t beat that offer!  To take advantage of this offer, simply click the green button below.  A pre-populated email will be created with your account details.  You don’t have to fill out anything else.  Simply hit “send” and we’ll handle the rest.  We’ll refund 50% of your monthly (or, if you’re a Yearly subscriber, the monthly equivalent) subscription for the next two billing periods.  Thank you for your consideration!

Or, if you’re looking to stay a Member to continue learning from Guitopia’s amazing wealth of information, but you’d like to save some cash, consider migrating your Membership level instead of canceling.  Simply click the yellow button below to see more Membership options!

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