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Latest Chat – May 29, 2020

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May 2020

May 29

Topic:  Alternate Picking exercises – May ’20 edition

Downloads for this event
May 22

Topic:  How to get good at Alternate Picking (by the world’s okayest alternate picker!)

May 15

Topic:  Level-up your playing with longer lines

May 08

Topic:  Dealing with Distraction & Preoccupation as a Guitarist

May 01

Topic:  Rhythm is King

March 2020

March 27

Topic:  Melodic Soloing

March 20

Topic:  Melodic Soloing

March 13

Topic:  Q&A with Dave.  March ’20 Edition

March 06

Topic:  Understanding & Dialing in Tones on your Strat

April 2020

April 24

Topic:  No more overthinking, no more overplaying

April 17

Topic:  Whammy Bar Creativity

April 10

Topic:  The April 2020 Bootcamp

Download the PDF
April 03

Topic:  The March 2020 Bootcamp

Download the PDF

January 2020

January 31

Topic:  Lick-Writing 101

January 24

Topic:  Melody-first Song-writing

January 10

Topic:  How to write a song in 5 minutes!

January 03

Topic:  What’s your 2020 vision?

February 2020

February 28

Topic:  Song-writing for Guitarists:  Start with the Bass line

February 21

Topic:  All About Bends!

February 14

Topic: Sub-Dividing Legato

February 07

Topic: The Magic of Major and Minor 3rds


November 2019

November 29

Topic:  Using Arpeggios in Your Soloing

November 15

Topic:  Beginner Neo Soul Voice Leading Techniques

November 08

Topic:  Open Counseling with Dave

November 01

Topic:  Learn to Write Catchy, Head-bobbing Riffs

December 2019

December 13

Topic:  Superimposing Minor Pentatonincs over Maj7 Chords

December 06

Topic:  Learning Hendrix’s “Manic Depression”

September 2019

September 27

Topic:  How to Start a Band

September 20

Topic:  How to Write a Solo

September 13

Topic:  Conversation Starters

September 06

Topic:  Connecting Minor Pentatonic Patterns

October 2019

October 25

Topic:  Adapting New Techniques

October 18

Topic:  How to build stamina in our playing

October 11

Topic:  How to Level-up your Riff-writing

October 04

Topic:  Are Custom Shop guitars worth the $$$?

July 2019

July 19

Topic:  Should You Use Delay?

July 12

Topic:  How to Finish a Song

August 2019

August 29

Topic:  Options for Soloing Over a Vamp

August 23

Topic:  Making the Most of Your Practice Time

August 15

Topic:  More “2 Lane”  Ideas

August 08

Topic:  The Importance of Learning Covers

May 2019

May 31

Topic:  How I Learned It’s All About The Details

May 24

Topic:  Fun With 5ths

May 17

Topic:  Easy & Creative Chord Substitutions

May 10

Topic:  Open Counseling with Dave

May 03

Topic:  Paths:  Static Harmonized Scale Arpeggios

June 2019

June 28

Topic:  Alternate Picking Workout

June 21

Topic:  Storytelling in Your Solos

June 14

Topic:  Line Development

March 2019

March 29

Topic:  Using Licks to Practice Technique

March 22

Topic:  How to Learn & Use Licks

March 15

Topic:  Your Licks Count!

March 08

Topic:  How to get out of Playing Ruts

March 01

Topic:  Slow & Soul!

April 2019

April 26

Topic:  Input – Processing – Output

April 19

Topic:  Let’s Learn a Cover: “Born Under a Bad Sign”

April 12

Topic:  Soloing Without Moving

April 05

Topic:  Rubato Self-Accompaniment

January 2019

January 25

Topic:  The Massive Importance Of Playing With Conviction & Attitude

January 18

Topic:  Phrasing:  Music’s Punctuation

January 11

Topic:  Fusion Songwriting 101

February 2019

February 22

Topic:  The Fundamentals Of Tone

February 15

Topic:  Easy Blues Sequences

February 08

Topic:  The Easiest Way To Learn Chord Inversions

February 01

Topic:  How to Setup a Stereo Guitar Rig


November 2018

November 30

Topic:  Getting Started with Slides

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November 16

Topic:  3 Dexterity, Strength & Stamina Exercises

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November 09

Topic:  Let’s Write a RIFF Live!

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November 02

Topic:  Let’s Write a Lick Live!

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December 2018

December 14

Topic:  Holiday & New Year’s Goals

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December 07

Topic:  Easy Song-writing from a Harmonized Scale

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September 2018

September 28

Topic:  Basic Legato Moves

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September 14

Topic:  Raking

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October 2018

October 26

Topic:  Efficient Exercises – Part 2:  Ultimate Fretboard Recognition

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October 19

Topic:  Efficient Exercises – Part 1:  The Zig-Zag

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October 12

Topic:  How to Write a Melody

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October 05

Topic:  The Writing Process

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July 2018

July 27

Topic:  Easy Fun with Two-Hand Tapping

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July 20

Topic:  Static Acapella Rhythm Tactics

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July 13

Topic:  Does Pick Size Matter?

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July 6

Topic:  The Easiest Way to Expand Your Rhythmic Creativity

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August 2018

August 31

Topic:  Hearing Chord Qualities

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August 24

Topic:  The Power of Phrasing

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August 17

Topic:  How to Quickly Learn Cover Songs by Ear (or at least the gist of it!)

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August 10

Topic:  Exploring Strat Tones

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August 03

Topic:  Exploring Hendrixian Double-Stops

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May 2018

May 25

Topic:  7th Chords Made Easy

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May 18

Topic:  Live Practice Session – Mobility & Accuracy

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May 11

Topic:  The Steps To Effortless Learning and Playing

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May 4

Topic:  Maintaining Motivation

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June 2018

June 29

Topic:  Essentials You Should Take To Every Gig

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June 22

Topic:  Thumbed Octaves ala Wes Montgomery

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June 15

Topic:  9th Chords Made Easy

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March 2018

March 30

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 8:  Mixing Lead Guitars

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March 23

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 7:  Mixing Rhythm Guitars

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March 16

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 6:  EQ’ing the Drum Bus and Mixing Bass

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April 2018

April 27

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 11:  Mastering (pt2)

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April 13

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 10:  Mastering (pt1)

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April 6

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 9:  Mixing Lead Guitar pt2

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January 2018

January 26

Topic:  How to practice…musically!

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January 19

Topic:  The CAGED System Explained (and why it’s useful)

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January 12

Topic:  Fretboard Visualization Tactics

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February 2018

February 23

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 5:  Editing & Intro to EQ

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February 16

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 4:  Recording Lead Guitar

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February 9

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 3:  Recording Bass & adding Drums via Superior Drummer 3

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February 2

Topic:  Home Music Production – Part 2:  Basic Guitar Tracking (and Mixing tips)

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December 2017

December 15

Topic:  Thinking about 2018 – Long-term goals and the short-term steps to achieve them.

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December 01

Topic:  Music Production – Part 1:  Setting up to record guitars at home

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October 2017

October 20

Topic:  Learn a Country Guitar Song-Starter


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October 13

Topic:  Quick, Short Bursts = Instant Phrasing!


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October 06

Topic:  Building Stamina With Good Alternate Picking Practice Habits


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November 2017

November 24

Holiday Hang – Thanksgiving Edition:  Open Q&A with Dave


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November 17

Topic:  Getting the most from your Delay pedal


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November 10

Topic:  Getting the most from your Reverb pedal


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November 03

Topic:  Utilizing open strings to enhance your licks, chords and arpeggios


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August 2017

August 26

Open forum, live Q&A with Dave!


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August 19

Topics discussed: A Cover Song Study of Chick Corea’s “Got A Match?”


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August 12

Topics discussed: How to change your strings & do a setup like a pro!


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August 05

Topics discussed: Understanding subdivisions, learning beginner rhythms and creating your own!

Download the PDF for this chat!


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September 2017

September 29

Topic: The REAL reasons you want to know the 5 CAGED chord shapes


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September 22

Topic: The basics of the Diminished Scale


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September 15

Topic: Inside Dave’s Studio & everything you need to get killer guitar tones in YOUR studio


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September 09

Topic:  Learn an unaccompanied 12-bar Blues!


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May 2017

May 20

Topics discussed:  A philosophical discussion regarding the ways to build learning/practicing habits to be as musical a player as possible.


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May 06

Topics discussed: Getting the most out of learning cover music/riffs/licks, etc.  AC/DC’s “Back In Black” Lick used as an example.


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July 2017

July 28

Topics discussed: Easy tricks to playing fast, developing Rhythm playing, Harmonizing a scale & building/using Diminished chords


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July 22

Topics discussed: Finding Happiness with YOUR Guitar Playing!


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July 15

Topics discussed:  A look at Marshall amp’s 4 inputs.  What they do and how to use them.


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July 01

Topics discussed: Adding a coil-tap to your humbucker-equipped guitar, benefits of modifying amps to be hand-wired, Dave’s new PRS 7-string!


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April 2017

April 29

Topics discussed:  Having a guitar built to your specs and what you should know.  A discussion on handwired amps and a play-through of the Friedman (handwired) Mini Dirty Shirley.


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April 22

Topics discussed:  The 8, new theory practice vids in the Woodshed, new pedals (DOD 440, Digitech Ricochet), practicing alternate picking exercises!


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April 15*

Chat with special guest, guitar virtuoso, Thomas McRocklin!


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April 08

Topics discussed: Learn the motivic Hybrid-picking lick from the FB video Dave posted last week!  Download the tab here.

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April 01

Topics discussed: A/B Boxes, Intervallic thinking instead of scalar thinking, Blues double-stops and more!

March 2017

March 26

Topics discussed: Minor6 chords, Playing a Blues progression with min6 chords and cleverly changing chords, Compressor Pedals and where there go in your chain and more!


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March 18

Topics discussed: Pedals and Pedal Mods!  Play-through of the AnalogMan DS-1Pro, 808 Silver Mod and Price of Tone pedals.


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March 12

Cabs!  Discussing why I bought a 2004 Marshall 1960AX cab versus a new one.  Different speakers discussed.  Differently-sized cabs discussed.


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March 04

Discussing the new PRS.  Designing a new guitar:  What’s it’s purpose?  What woods do you choose and why?  What pick-up configuration?  Even.. what color!?

February 2017

February 25

Topics discussed:  Planning & building a pedalboard: Concept, planning, layout & more!


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February 18

The Vai Iridium show (and why it was the worst show ever for me!), playing music that is a recital versus improv-based music, the Strymon Mobius and Maxon Fuzz Elements Air and Void play-through.


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February 11

Topics discussed:  Playing over Blues changes.  Learn an awesome, new hybrid-picked Blues lick in C. Download the TAB.

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February 04

Topics discussed: All about gear!  Amps, Cabs, Speaker and a play through of most of the guitars in the studio!


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January 2017

January 30

Topics discussed:  Different picks, Setting up your rig for clean/rhythm/lead, analyzing other players’ technique, how to know when to move on from learning a concept, hanging guitars on the wall, and more!


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January 14

Topics discussed:  The Vai Academy, The new Fender Custom Shop Strat, Superimposing 7/16 over 4/4, Looping, PRS amps, Friedman amps and lots more!  Download the TAB from this chat.


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August 2016

August 24

Topics discussed:  Training your ear for better note choice in your playing.


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August 17

Topics discussed: A Focus on Rhythm


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April 2016

April 27

Topics discussed:  Open chat with Dave


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April 20

Topics discussed:  Wah pedals.  John Petrucci and “standard” Crybaby Wah pedals played!


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April 13*

Special chat with Vai’s engineer:  Greg Wurth!


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April 09*

Special chat with guest, Daniel Steinhardt from the Gig Rig & That Pedal Show!



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March 2016

March 30

Topics discussed:  Subdivision recognition, Guitopia 2.0, the “harp” harmonic technique, how to keep what you’re learning “in” you, Mixing and studio headphones, and more!)


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March 23

Topics discussed:  Live performance perspective, Show production, Booking gigs, Guitar Setup OCD, How to establish a groove as a rhythm player, guitar pick movement and 32nd-note Funk strumming).


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March 16*

Special chat with Fusion guitar master, Tom Quayle!


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March 09

Open Session with Dave.


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March 02

Topics discussed:  Open Session with Dave.  Neck woods discussed.


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February 2016

February 17*

Special chat with Blues-rock master, Doug Rappoport!


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February 10

Topics discussed:  Building a Pedalboard, artfully & professionally.


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February 3

Topics discussed:  A live, Legato Bootcamp with Dave! Download the tab for this bootcamp HERE


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January 2016

January 27

Topics discussed:  Exploring some Blues Tricks!


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January 20*

Special chat with Guitarist extraordinaire:  Emil Werstler!


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January 13

Topics discussed:   An in-depth look at soloing over 2-5-1-6 changes


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January 06*

Special chat with Director of G.I.T:  Stig Mathisen!


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January 01*

Special interview with guitar innovator & builder, Paul Reed Smith!


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December 2015

December 16 - Part 3

Topics discussed:   Dialing In Your Amp’s Tone – Part 3


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December 16 - Part 2

Topics discussed:   Dialing In Your Amp’s Tone – Part 2


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December 16 - Part 1

Topics discussed:   Dialing In Your Amp’s Tone – Part 1


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December 2 - Part 2

All about Delay & Reverb – Part 2


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December 2 - Part 1

All about Delay & Reverb – Part 1

Please note:  This broadcast had technical difficulties around 5:00.  Proceed to Part 2 after that.


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November 2015

November 19*

Special chat with jazz/fusion guitar master, Brian Baggett!


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November 4

Topics discussed:  Building a Pedalboard.


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October 2015

October 28
October 21 - Part 2
October 21 - Part 1
October 14
October 7

September 2015

September 30
September 16
September 9
September 2

August 2015

August 26
August 19*

Special with GIT instructor and guitarist extraordinaire, Jeff Marshall!

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July 2015

July 29*

Special chat with guitar pedal builder and guru, Brian Wampler!

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July 22
July 15*

Special chat with guitar virtuoso, Rob Balducci!

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July 8

June 2015

June 24
June 17
June 10*

Special chat with neoclassical shred guitar legend, Tony Macalpine!

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