Season 15, Episode 34: Rhythmic Melodic Playing
Difficulty: Beginner

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Season 15

Tapping into '21

Season 15, Episode 01
Summary: We're getting '21 started with a fun and exciting tapping lick using B Minor Pentatonic. It's far easier than it looks so just learn the notes, start slow and you'll have it in no time!
Difficulty: Advanced
Tags: B, Dorian, Funk Rock, tapping, sweeping

2-string Sweeping through a classic progression

Season 15, Episode 02
Summary: This week, we're kicking up our chops with the 2-string sweep! And we're going to use it to navigate through one of the most powerful music progressions ever! The 6-4-1-5!
Difficulty: Advanced
Tags: C, Major, Country Rock, 2-string sweep, pull-offs, hammer-ons

Vocabulary Building - A Jumping Off Lick

Season 15, Episode 03
Summary: On Friday, January 15, for the live event, we discussed the importance of building a vocabulary. Any lick is helpful for your vocabulary, but you need to also be able to use it as a jumping off point; to spark more ideas in your improvisation. We're learning a great new lick in E Minor Blues today, and discussing how to use it as that jumping off point.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tags: E, Minor, Rock, bends, slurs, slides

"A Quintessential SRV Lick" with Trey Alexander

Season 15, Episode 04
Summary: Our first guest of 2021! Monster guitarist, Trey Alexander, joins us to host this week's LOTW with a killer, SRV-inspired lick!
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tags: F, Minor, Blues Rock, SRV, stevie ray vaughn, trey alexander, double-stops, slides, pull-off

"Easy Licks to Help You Build a Solo"

Season 15, Episode 05
Summary: Sometimes it can be difficult to think of what to play next in your solo. Ultimately, we have to build a vocabulary to fuel our playing at first. This lesson will show you 4, easy licks that you can play back-to-back, or rearrange to suit your needs. The result will be ideas for your improv to at least get you started!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: E, Minor Pentatonic, Rock, hammer-ons, pull-offs, open strings

"Weird Fingers #1"

Season 15, Episode 06
Summary: Every player gets to a point where they want to add new licks, and in general, new habits to their playing. In order for this to happen, we have to think differently and play differently, down to the "fingerings" we use to write licks. In this lesson, we'll explore some lesser common fingerings that will help train your hands to play differently and come up with new licks and habits!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: C, Minor, Electro, alternate picking

D Major Legato Lick

Season 15, Episode 07
Summary: This week we're exploring a simple, but tasty and albeit, quick, lick executed with Legato.  This one will strengthen your fingers and also make them more dexterous and rhythmically-"aware".
Difficulty: intermediate
Tags: D, Major, Electro, legato

Dante's Mixo Lick

Season 15, Episode 08
Summary: This week we're joined by Dante Frisiello! Dante's a killer guitarist and has been a guest here before and will hopefully be a regular for us. He's got a few new projects coming out and is gracious enough to share one of his favorite licks this week.
Difficulty: intermediate
Tags: B, Mixolydian, Rock, 2-1-2, legato, arpeggio

How to Write a Melody

Season 15, Episode 09
Summary: Do you find it difficult to create melodies?  Many players do and most of the time it's just because of overthinking!  Whether it's a "hook" or melody in your improvisation, it doesn't have to be that difficult..  In this lesson, we'll explore the building blocks of melody and how you can become a more melodic player today.
Difficulty: intermediate
Tags: E, Harmonic Minor, Soul, melodic development

How to Write a Looping Lick

Season 15, Episode 10
Summary: In our solos, especially when improvising, we need to employ looping licks. Meaning, licks that are relatively short and simply repeat. The repetition in these licks paired with a good note contour and rhythm are very effective in landing an idea in the listeners ears so we want to know how to write (including in real-time) and use them often.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: D, Minor, Blues, looping, pull-offs, hammer-ons, hybrid-picking

Dante's Double-Pick Trick

Season 15, Episode 11
Summary: Our good friend and awesome guitarist, Dante Frisiello, join us again to share another slick lick!  this time he’s showing us a very useful, double-picking trick that produces fast and complex sounding results, with much less effort than expected!
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tags: A, Dorian, Prog Rock, double-pick, pull-offs

Dave's Double-Pick Habit

Season 15, Episode 12
Summary: After last week's LOTW with Dante on double-picking, I thought I'd offer my usage of the double-pick technique as it was a huge part (and kinda still is) of my playing and lick development. This is a simple but snazzy set of lines in F# Minor Pentatonic to navigate our new jamtrack (#429).
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tags: F#, Minor Pentatonic, Funk Rock, double-pick, pull-offs, slide, slur

Milk It!

Season 15, Episode 13
Summary: This week's lesson is up there in importance, in my opinion.  Inline with the lessons focusing on more attention to musicality rather than movement, today's lesson discusses "milking" motifs out of very few notes and very little movement.  Getting this concept down is essential, as it'll help stop meandering, non-communicative playing and help level-up the musicality in your improv!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: C, Dorian, Funk, milk it, motif, anchor, bend, pull-off, hammer-on, vibrato

Slide It!

Season 15, Episode 14
Summary: Lately, we've been focused on not moving so we can think more about musicality.  Well this lesson focuses on moving with a lot of swagger using short slides we call Slurs!
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tags: D, Minor, Funk, slurs, slides

Fill in the Blanks

Season 15, Episode 15
Summary: Here's a different kind of lesson! Being a good rhythm player is the foundation of being good lead player.  That includes being able to learn a song's structure and know when and where to play.  Today we'll learn the jamtrack's structure, which is sprinkled with melodic lines we'll play, and then you'll have to "fill in the blanks" with your soloing.  A fun and simple challenge, but a must-have skill if you want to grow as a musician TODAY!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: G, Minor, Funk, rhythm, chart-reading

Goin' Santana

Season 15, Episode 16
Summary: This is a super fun lesson where we're going to go a bit Santana!  Carlos Santana's signature rhythmic lead style is exemplary of quality, not quantity.  We're taking a page form his book to learn an easy, but rhythmic and tasty line!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: A, Minor, Cuban, Latin Jazz, santana, rhythm, motif, harmonic minor

That Must-Know Bending Lick

Season 15, Episode 17
Summary: Here's a simple but highly useful bending lick. It's loop-able so this is a great one to add to your "climatic" section vocabulary.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: C, Dorian, Rock, bending

That Must-Know Hammer-On Lick

Season 15, Episode 18
Summary: Today, you'll learn a super fun. super easy but must-know hammer-on lick.  This is equally useful when laying over chords (as we will today) or completely static.  It rawks!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: C, Mixolydian, Rock,

Dave's Fave Phrygian Dominant Path

Season 15, Episode 19
Summary: This lesson will show you Dave's favorite "path" to easily play Phrygian Dominant to produce beautiful, outside and mysterious tones!
Difficulty: Advanced
Tags: E, C, A, Altered, Fusion,

Basic Blues Rhythm #1

Season 15, Episode 20
Summary: This lesson will show you a basic, but essential Blues rhythm using Dominant chord forms in the key of A.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: A, Dominant, Blues,

The Philly Special

Season 15, Episode 21
Summary: My version of the Philly Special is a combination of Dorian and Minor Blues to serve up a delectable hybrid scale that is massively useful. We'll learn it in the form of an alternate-picking lick today!
Difficulty: Advanced
Tags: C, Dorian, Jazz-Funk, alternate picking

Basic Funk Rhythm #1

Season 15, Episode 22
Summary: Today we're learning a basic Funk Rhythm, both a chord-strumming pattern and a single-note Funk rhythm line.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: E, Dorian, Funk, rhythm

Whole Tone Sweep and Slur

Season 15, Episode 23
Summary: Today we've got a one-two combo of 2-string sweeping and slurring (really quick slides).  These are fantastic. not-to-difficult techniques to add to your chops for quick, clean lines.  We're working in Whole Tone again to take advantage of its symmetry!
Difficulty: Advanced
Tags: A, Lydian, Experimental, 2-string sweep, slur

An Easy Pop Rock Rhythm

Season 15, Episode 24
Summary: Having more rhythmic ability WILL continue to progress you as a player and musician as fast as possible. Become a great rhythm player, you'll become a great musicians (and lead player too!). This lesson will show you a simple but highly fun and effective "pop rock" (and a little bit Funky) rhythm.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: D, Minor, Pop Rock, rhythm guitar

Pop Melody for Guitar

Season 15, Episode 25
Summary: Let's dive into the second half of the year with a look at creating a pop melody.  Catchy rhythms, solid phrasing and great note choice will give us that "hook" and will stick in the listener's ear.  If we can do that, we know we've got a great melody!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: Bb, Minor, Electro Pop, melody

Let Chords Create Your Melody

Season 15, Episode 26
Summary: As our exploration of melody continues, we need to face the situation where we have the chords already, but we don't have a melody to play over them.  How do we create this melody?  Let the chords help by guiding us through the progression!  We'll explore this method today.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: C#, Major, Minor, Fusion Soul, melody

The Glorious Major Lift

Season 15, Episode 27
Summary: We're taking advantage of parallel key usage (E Minor to E Major) and exploiting that glorious switch from minor to major!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: E, Minor, Major, Folk Rock, melody, major lift

A Mixo Palette Cleanser

Season 15, Episode 28
Summary: Here's a simple melodic line in D Mixolydian, but the point of this lesson is to realize even such a simple line can be used as a very important song part.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: D, Mixolydian, Prog Rock, melody, song part

1-Finger Rhythmic Motif

Season 15, Episode 29
Summary: Since my finger is injured, we'll be learning a 1-finger rhythmic motif in this lesson. These rhythmic motifs ARE the missing link in your playing!
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tags: E, Minor Pentatonic, Funk, rhythm, melody, motif

Slidin’ C Major

Season 15, Episode 30
Summary: Not having full use of my hands has made me explore more options, including slide playing again. Slide is such an awesome addition to the arsenal. Let's explore using one to create a beautifully emotive melody.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: C, Major, Yacht Rock, Slide, melody

Inspired by Bass

Season 15, Episode 31
Summary: Many guitarist find themselves at a bit of a loss for creativity when it comes to producing a bass part. In this lesson, we'll be learning the bass part from the jamtrack to help expand our rhythmic vocabulary in general, but to also help next time you're trying to produce a song and you have to lay down that ever-important bass line!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: B, Minor, Funk Rock, bass

Inspired by Synth

Season 15, Episode 32
Summary: Continuing from last week's "Inspired by Bass" lesson, we're now looking into a couple synth parts; their rhythm and note/chord usage, to again expand our understanding for our own playing and music production skills.
Difficulty: Intermediate
Tags: D, Minor, Funk, synth

The Basics of Improvisation

Season 15, Episode 33
Summary: Today we're going to focus on one of the most important elements of being a musician, our ability to improvise. We'll discuss how to get started with Improvisation by covering the basics and put them into practice with some virtual trading!
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: A, Minor, Chill Funk, improvisation

Rhythmic Melodic Playing

Season 15, Episode 34
Summary: Bad timing?  Poor rhythm?  Want your listener's head to bob and have them connect with your music as much as possible?  The solution?  Rhythm.  Always. Be a rhythm-forward player and you'll get the attraction to your playing that others are missing.  In today's crucial lesson, we're simply focusing on playing in E Major and being rhythmically-forward for our melodic playing.
Difficulty: Beginner
Tags: E, Major, Pop Funk, melody, rhythm