Migrate Your Membership

As a PRO Member, you’re enjoying all of the features you see to the left.  If you find you don’t need all these features and/or you’d just like to save some cash, you can migrate to another Membership level.  Check out the options below.

Essentials Level

The Essentials level includes all of the.. well… essential features found here at Guitopia:  the GLOW series, the entire video Archive, the Jamtrack Jukebox (updated monthly), the Resource Center, the Chatroom and the forum.  At just $0.99 a week, it’s a ridiculous value.  Watch this short video and let Dave tell you more about the Essentials level.

Player Level

The Player level includes all features of the Essentials level plus you’ll get a new jamtrack EVERY week!  This is a huge advantage.  Watch this video and let Dave explain why:

How to migrate your Membership

Simply choose Essentials or Player.  You’ll be taken to a page to then choose a monthly or yearly payment option.  You’ll then checkout and that’s it!  Enjoy your new level and keep rockin!  Please note:  you’re first payment will be prorated based on how many days are left in your current plan.  This will be done automatically!  (yay!)